Morgan - I live in a world where peacocks find pot leafs and Cannabis saves lives. Cannabis activist in the state of WA ~ Author of a children's Cannabis fairytale series - Available Here - RCW69.51a compliant ~. ♉.☥. Eighteen. Mermaid. Aspiring pastry chef, dying to attend The Culinary Institute of America. I watch too much netflix and eat a lot of asian foods. I can dab you under the table. JJ Abrams and Morgan Freeman should take turns being God IMHO. Oh, and hope to continue having this kid by my side through thick&thin

Warning: My page contains pictures of beautiful girls, boobs, sex, dabs and maryjane, delicious looking food, adorable animals, fandom rants, and LOTS OF LOST

"Inside most people there's a feeling of being separate, separated from everything. And they're not. They're part of absolutely everyone, and everything."
- Sean Patrick Flanery in Powder.

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    Hope Mr.@alvin808 won’t mind me posting this preview of what we shot yesterday I’m so excited to see the photos from this set I think they’re going to awesome (: Plus this set has a really great story behind it.. Some guy in a white truck pulled over while we were shooting by the river and had called the cops.. my boyfriend who was sitting in his car waiting for us to finish texted cops, get dressed now. Two cops, a sheriff, and two park rangers showed up… apparently “naked girl in the woods” brings all the cops to the river(; they were even flipping each other shit in the end “we can’t get you to get up early for a domestic violence but naked girl in the woods and everyone shows up” lol this was definitely one for the books. But I’m honestly glad it was with my lovely photographer as we’ve worked together multiple times now and I think that definitely help the situation. All in all even the cops agreed we picked an amazing location. #winning #copcreek #nakedgirlinthewoods #suicidegirlshopefuls #suicidesunday #lovesghopefuls #sgh #hopefulsuicidegirls #hopefulsuicidegirl #dab #altgirl #altmodel #alt #brighthair #pravana #nature #staylifted #PNW #suicidegirlmanicmonday
    Lemon Skunk #shatter from Green Orchard in Port Angeles, WA
    My #mcm is this bitch lol. We rarely get pictures together, and when we do they’re almost always silly. This guy is my rock. My panda. My Psyduck. My love. My silly moose. And so much more. Working towards two years together, and I still remember our first awkward date together (in his WHITE joker shirt), where I couldn’t even eat at lunch, and we were both so nervous to cuddle each other while we watched our first movie together.. now I cuddle this kid endlessly and, we can kill a whole pizza together. Not to mention he’s literally seen me at my absolute worst, and will crack a joke just to make me smile anyways. He has proved he loves me no matter what, and I make sure everyday to do the same. *This is why I don’t do #mancrushmonday posts guys, I get all sappy and lame, haha.*
    #manicmonday from my set “A PNW Summer” to debut in a little more than 4 months. Photo cred: @alvin808 #hopefulsuicidegirls
    Here’s a #suicidesundies from my set “A PNW Summer” due to be released in a little over 4 months! Hopefully going to be shooting another set for #SG tomorrow (weather permitted) with the always rad @alvin808

    tell me you don’t matter to a universe that conspired
    to give you such a tongue, such rhythm
    or rhythmless hips, such opposable thumbs –
    give thanks or go home a waste of spark

    speak or let the maker take back your throat
    march or let the creator rescind your feet
    dream or let your god destroy your good and fertile mind

    this is your warning / this
    your birthright / do not let
    this universe regret you.

    Marty McConnell, from “Instructions for a Body” (via honeychurch)

    9 October, 2014