Morgan - I live in a world where peacocks find pot leafs and Cannabis saves lives. Cannabis activist in the state of WA ~ Author of a children's Cannabis fairytale series - Available Here - RCW69.51a compliant ~. ♉.☥. Eighteen. Mermaid. Aspiring pastry chef, dying to attend The Culinary Institute of America. I watch too much netflix and eat a lot of asian foods. I can dab you under the table. JJ Abrams and Morgan Freeman should take turns being God IMHO. Oh, and hope to continue having this kid by my side through thick&thin

Warning: My page contains pictures of beautiful girls, boobs, sex, dabs and maryjane, delicious looking food, adorable animals, fandom rants, and LOTS OF LOST

"Inside most people there's a feeling of being separate, separated from everything. And they're not. They're part of absolutely everyone, and everything."
- Sean Patrick Flanery in Powder.

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